Child Find


The Pershing County School District's "Child Find" program is responsible for locating, identifying and evaluating all individuals suspected of having a disability between the ages of 3 and 21 who are not receiving early intervention or special education services.  The district works in cooperation with other agencies in Pershing County to:

1. Locate all un-served disabled individuals between the ages of 3 and 21 in Pershing County;

2. Assist in the identification and referral of individuals suspected of having a disability for evaluations, which may include:

        a. Evaluation by a special education teacher

        b. Evaluation by a speech/language specialist

        c. Evaluation by a school psychologist

        d. Evaluation by other professionals as appropriate

3. Provide information to the community about the Child Find project and increase awareness about the educational rights of individuals with disabilities and        their parents, through the following methods:

        a. Newspaper articles and other media

        b. Correspondence with community members

        c. Annual screenings in schools and in the community

        d. Teacher training on identifying potential disabilities

4. Maintain a child identification log indicating which children 3-21 years of age are receiving special education and related services and which children were

found to be not eligible for service. The log contains the following information on all children referred for evaluation:

5. Coordinate with other agencies providing services to children. The Director of Special Education will make at least two contacts per school year with local

agencies to find out if they may have knowledge of disabled children who are not being served, explain the referral process, and request that they refer students

under the age of 22 to the school district.


For additional information, contact the following persons:

Write or Call

Marian Nelson

Special Programs Coordinator / Special Education Director

Pershing County School District

P.O. Box 389, Lovelock, Nevada 89419




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