Poetry for the fun of it..  

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GO TO....Nevada State Content Area Standards ~ Technology and Language Arts

GO TO....Evaluation Requirements of Poetry Project ~ Student Checklist 

GO TO....Rubrics Evaluation for Written Summaries                                              


    Center #1 ~ Data Collection

GO TO......Worksheet #1~Awhich has 16 different forms of poetry for you to review.  Read the directions and do Task 1, 2, and 3.

  Types of Poetry ~ These are just a very few example of different types of poetry. Each definition has an example of each particular type of poetry for better understanding. All examples were provided by the members of Shadow Poetry.


GO TO......Worksheet #1~Band read the instructions to complete Task 1 & 2 in the Data Collections Center. (group/partners)

  Collection Representative Poetry online. ~ Includes a timeline, calendar, poems, and much more.

    Center #2 ~ Resource

GO TO......Worksheet #2and print it out to answer the questions about what to search for in the Resource Center; Task 1 & 2.

Authors on the Web ~ Library of author home pages.                       

American Poets ~ 161 poet companion sites and an anthology of Modern American Poetry.

African American Authors ~ Literature and history written by and on African Americans.

Native North American Poets ~ Their published works, biographical information, and links to interviews, online texts and tribal websites.


    Center #3 ~ Virtual Field Trip 

GO TO......Worksheet #3and read the instructions on what to include in your summary.  The class will travel across the country on a Virtual Field Trip. 

  Great Apple Seed Giveaway ~ Follow Andrew to 30 different locations as he travels across America sharing and giving away 100,000 free books of poetry in large cities and small towns along the way.


    Center #4 ~ Electronic Reference        

GO TO......Worksheet #4and print it out.  Complete Tasks 1, 2, & 3 in the Electronic Reference Center. 

  Rhyming Dictionary ~ Type in a word in the to find what word rhymes, its synonyms, or its definition.  

  Electronic Library ~ Poetry e-text selections for your reading enjoyment. 

  Common Poetic Terms ~ Definitions and poetic reference.

  Glossary of Poetic Terms ~ Phonetic pronunciation, cross references, definitions, examples, poetic quotations, and writers' guidelines.   


    Center #5 ~ Multimedia

GO TO......Worksheet #5and read the directions.  Do Tasks 1 & 2. You'll love the exciting things you'll find at the Multimedia Center.

Rap Realm ~ Listen to a Rapper sing a poem and then write a rap poem of your own.

Marie Ponsot ~ Listen to Ms. Ponsot read her poems at the University of Washington in Seattle on March 6, 2001.

    Center #6 ~ Curriculum

GO TO......Worksheet #6The 'Poetry Theater' site is in the Curriculum Center.  Have fun putting on a mini-play for your classmates. (group/partners) 

Poetry Theater ~ Your group can perform a poetry play, then write your own.  

    Center #7 ~ Publications

GO TO......Merlyn's Pen and explore the opportunities for future careers, writing services available, and college writing programs.  Read and enjoy peer writing.  Please write a paragraph about something interesting that you learned at this site.  Share what you learned with the class.

   Publishing teen's writing selections.

Hope you enjoyed your visit!

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