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TASK 1  Search to find the answers to the following questions about the state of Texas.  Please completely answer each question. 

1.  Where did the name Texas come from?  

2.  What are the different nicknames that this state has?  Why were / are they used?

3.  How big is Texas?  What is the total land area?

4.  List the major rivers of Texas.

5.  List 4 more interesting geographical facts about Texas.

6.  Print a map of Texas and identify the states that border it.

7.  Color and label your map, identify 5 major cities along with the capital of Texas.  Decide where you think Camp Greenlake could be and identify it.

8.  Go to one of the Texas newspapers listed.  Find a current news event and write a paragraph that describes what is reported.  Be sure to list the author of the article and the date that it was published.


TASK 2  Write a mini paper that includes all of the information that you just learned about Texas.  This should be written as a report and may include pictures.  Please proofread your work before turning it in.


       EXTRA  Complete the USA Jigsaw puzzle for fun.

Flash USA Jigsaw -
Put the USA together like a puzzle. A great skills builder for young budding geographers, but fun for all ages.


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