Evaluation Requirements for HOLES Project 

~ Student Checklist ~


    Camp Greenlake, Texas  

      20      ____ Task 1 Find the answers to the Texas questions.
      40      ____ Task 2 Write a mini paper that includes the information about Texas.  This should be written as a report and may include pictures.  Please proofread your work before turning it in.  (Note:  Writing rubrics will be used to grade your paper.)

      __________ TOTAL

    Stanley Yelnat's Inventions

       15      ____ Scavenger Hunt # 1 / Inventors and Inventions
       20     ____ Scavenger Hunt # 2 / Inventors and Inventions
       25     ____ Scavenger Hunt # 3 / Inventors and Inventions 
       40     ____ One page essay about inventions. (Follow rules of writing, and proofread your paper.) (Note:  Writing rubrics will be used to grade your paper.)

       __________ TOTAL

    Yellow Spotted Lizard

       60    Create PowerPoint presentation - Including 6 slides.       

                _____   #1.  The name of your lizard, (title) the date, and the names of your group members.
                _____   #2.  Include a picture (image) of your lizard, tell where it lives, and how long it lives.
                _____   #3.  Include what your lizard eats, how does it protect itself, and describe its color.
                _____   #4.  List 4 more interesting facts or other information about your lizard.
                _____   #5. This slide is for more pictures (images) of your lizard.
                _____   #6. You must include the names of the Internet sites, along with the hyperlink (URL) of the resources you used to create your presentation.

       __________ TOTAL           

    Zero's Math

    50    ____    Task 1 - Complete the math vocabulary worksheet.  There are 50 words.
      15     ____    Task 2 - Create 5 math problems that relate to a vocabulary word.  Effort must be shown.
      28    ____    Task 3 - Go the the ThinkQuest math page and do the math problems. (Score must be printed out.)
      40    ____    Task 4 - Describe a math related job in a short written essay.  Information to include: Job title, salary information, type of work, place of employment - areas of the country, education needed, etc.  (Note:  Writing rubrics will be used to grade your paper.)

       __________ TOTAL


    Peaches and Onions  

      23   ____    Task 1 - Complete the 'Onion' questions.
      24   ____    Task 2 - Find a minimum of 6 'Peach' recipes.  This should be printable from Word.    

      _________ TOTAL


   ___________  400 ~ TOTAL POSSIBLE points for all assignments.

      Additional Grades to be Assigned

     30   ____   Completing all portions of this project on time.  If you are absent, you are responsible to complete missing work on your own time.
      30   ____   You have shown cooperative effort and a supportive attitude with your computer partner during in-class work time.

      _________ TOTAL



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