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You will be completing a research project about Careers in Health Care. This is an individual project.  Each person is responsible for their own grade.

Project Requirements

a report (written essay format ~ with a minimum of 500 words, title page, and bibliography).  


a display (size 12 x 17 inches or larger ~ must include at least 1 image of the chosen career, information must be presented in an organized manner, sources used must be posted on the display, and any images used on your display must be labeled).

Information to Include                       

  1. List 6 different career choices within the health care profession, along with a brief description of what each job entails. Do not list 'Doctor' or 'Nurse'- there are many kinds of doctors and nurses, be specific. (Identify these on your display or in your paper).
  2. Choose 1 of these careers to research and include the following information in your report or on your display.

  3.  Include any additional information that you may find about this career.  Interesting facts?

  4.  You will be expected to give a brief presentation of your paper or display to the class, along with an  explanation of why you choose this career to research.

  5.  Below are helpful links for you to use in conducting your research.

Helpful Links

http://alpha.furman.edu/~snyder/careers/careerlist.html Links to Many Specific Career Descriptions  This is an alphabetical listing. All occupations involving health (medical or veterinary) are clustered together and may be accessed by clicking here or on "Medical and Health Occupations," under the letter "M."

http://healthcarejobs.org/toc.htm  Health Care Careers & Jobs will help you explore high growth health care occupations.

http://healthcarejobs.org/#Health%20Care%20Projected%20Employment%20Increases Health Care Careers & Jobs, a career center for exploring health care services occupations or for those who are actively pursuing employment.  You will find a tremendous amount of succinct information and resources that you can use to explore lucrative and fast growing careers in the health care industry.

http://stats.bls.gov/ The US Dept. of Labor provides a career database which provides information about demographics and career information.

http://www.healthcaresource.com/  Healthcare Source.com  With over 20,000 unique jobs and hundreds of new postings daily, HealthcareSource.com is one of America's largest, most effective job sites on the Internet today.

http://www.healthcarejobstore.com/  Healthcare Jobs Nationwide!  Find Health Care Jobs - including Nurse, Pharmacist, Physician, Mammographer, Social Worker & More.

http://www.healthcarejobstore.com/hb_cfmfiles/salary/index.cfm   Salary Information & Salary Survey Healthcare Jobs Nationwide! 

http://jobstar.org/tools/salary/sal-prof.htm Jobstar Central  lists salary information for many professions including the medical field.


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