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Volcano Virtual Field Trips  Geology Field Trips

Social Studies

Info about Nevada 

Mount Rushmore 

Kid friendly guide to Government - photos

Native American Indian sites 

Pearl Harbor 

Oregon Trail lesson 

Westward movement-list of links 

Anne Frank-lesson 


Day of the Dead 

Facts about Countries around the World


Photographs conveying strong political messages

Immigration  George Washington  Artic Studies center  Vikings  Learning Resource for the Great Basin

Reading and English Ghost stories and folktales of the American South Word Games  online dictionary - good for Elem. will translate into several languages 3D Thesaurus  storybooks online  

Authors addresses 

Children's Literature web guide 

Write to a celebrity 

Romeo and Juliet 

Resources for Reading and Language Arts

ABC's of the writing process 

Biographies of over 25,000 people

Fables and animal stories- lessons Stories in Quilts


Plagiarism  Merriam Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus  Mysteries to solve, scary stories, and magic tricks

ESL Resources English-spanish
coloring book for basic words, etc.
ESL Independent Study lab  Lots of links  lots of links and activities

More ESL Survival Spanish for Teachers

Math Math problems for centers  Educational games to use in centers Math Word problems for K-8 Great site for K-12. Has math problems and mind twisters  Interactive Mathematics Activities

Money-Learn about Money and saving money for kids 

Science  Animated movies on health, science and technology  Gross body parts and function info Cool science for kids Good for reports on the body  science lessons-Physics  Oceans and has videos Oregon Museum for Science and Industry Exploratorium (San Francisco) "Museum of science, art and human perception" Photographs of the planet from a space shuttle Weather National Geographic Live Zoo cameras   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - games, facts and activities to promote recycling.  Hazardous wastes- game, quiz and more for kids.

Simple machines 

Pizza box solar oven


Recipe for a Rain Forest 


Science toys to make  How stuff works

Other great tools online 

Games, stories and activities

Games, student created work, other links 

Stories about amazing kids, activities

Games, homework help, puzzles, links, lesson plans

Something for everyone

Educational Games and activities- Activities for Centers

Help with homework

Very cool research site-Virtual tours

Kids space

Internet Sites For Teachers

Search engine, loads of info for teachers

Make different kinds of puzzles

Lessons on using the Internet

Busy teachers web site

Teacher resources

Project AIMS

National Park Service 

Rubric Tools

About WebQuests

Tom Snyder products-Free trials of programs

Online magazine-lots of resources 

Web Portal for teachers 

About Desktop Publishing-includes tutorials 

searchable online library of Blue-Ribbon Websites 

Many teacher resources


Great links for sound files

Lots of great links for teachers and students 

Lots of resources for teachers 

Resources for teachers 

WebQuests  has a variety of educational materials  Power Point Templates  Lots of great links for teachers, for all kinds of lessons

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