TASK 1  Print the page and complete the following information and find out if onions are really, really healthy to eat.


Go to: Health benefits of garlic, onions, and peppers. 

What did our ancestors use garlic, onions, and peppers for? ___________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Modern dietary advice, supported by scientific evidence suggests that onions have significant health benefits.  List six advantages of eating onions regularly.  Onions can:

1. Boost ____________________________________________________

2. Reduce __________________________________________________

3. Increase _________________________________________________

4. Reduce __________________________________________________

5. Attack __________________________________________________

6. Reduce __________________________________________________

What is the compound called that is in onions that is an antioxidant and cancer-fighting agent? ______________________________________

Go to: Medicinal properties of onions. 

What are the colors of onions and which is the strongest? ______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

List 2 medicinal properties of onions?___________________________, _________________________

What can onion ointment be used for?___________________________, _________________________

Onion juice mixed with vinegar can be rubbed on ? ______________________, ____________________, 

and _________________________.  Folklore says that if you put onion juice on your head and then sit out 

in the sun, you can ___________________________________.  

What is the 'downside' of eating a lot of onions or drinking onion Tea? _____________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________


TASK 2  Work together with your partner to search in the following sites for delicious PEACH recipes.  You may copy and paste them into a WORD document to create a mini PEACH cookbook -- or you may print them out and cut and paste.  (Be sure to list the author of the recipe.)  

Note: You may also ask Moms, Dads, and Grandparents to contribute recipes.

Do: Organize your recipes.  You may create an index page.  You must find a minimum of 6 recipes, and all of the recipes collected by the class groups will be combined into a class book.

FINALLY! ---- Choose one favorite recipe from your collection.  Prepare to convince your classmates why your teacher should 'MAKE' this dish for the class to eat for our 'PEACH' party.  (The class will vote!)


http://www.pastrywiz.com/archive/category/peach.htm PastryWiz Recipe Archive - At the PastryWiz Food Resource Center you will find 1000's of pages of food related information both for the professional and the consumer.

http://southernfood.about.com/library/weekly/aa071198.htm Southern U.S. Cuisine Information about canning, drying, and freezing peaches along with many, many recipes.

http://members.amaonline.com/nrogers/Kitchen/peachrecipes.htm Annie's Simple and Easy Peach Recipes 

http://www.ncagr.com/markets/commodit/horticul/peaches/index.htm North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

http://pages.prodigy.net/pwolfe/peachrecipes.htm Delicious Peach Recipes

http://gonewengland.about.com/library/weekly/aa081601a.htm Peach Recipes from New England

http://www.texaspeaches.com/recipes.html Peach Recipes for Texas Hill Country Peaches

http://www.lyndfruitfarm.com/peach.htm Lynd Fruit Farm,  Pataskala, Ohio - Peach Recipes

http://www.lymanorchards.com/or/recipe-peach.htm  Lyman Orchards - of Connecticut - Peach Recipes.

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