Unit 4 ~ Search Engines


     Assignment #1

  First:  Watch the video; "How to Search the Internet Effectively."

  • Use the following search engines to find the answers to the three questions.
  • Use both the categories given as well as a general search.  
  • List the amount of 'hits' you found as you narrow your search. 
  • In order to find more valid information, you will want to use key words.
  • Last, list the answer to the three questions.
  1. What is the difference between an alligator and and crocodile?
  2. How high can a kangaroo jump?
  3. How hot is the sun?

                         Search Engine Tips

  • A search engine is only as good as the query you enter.
  • Read --- Search engines have there own rules on how to operate a proper search.
  • Watch your spelling.
  • Think about synonyms to use to sharpen your search.
  • Use the work "and" to find multiple items.
  • Use "quotation marks" to find a specific set of words.
  • Use the "+" sign to include multiple words or phrases.


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