TASK 1  You and your partner will produce a PowerPoint presentation about (1) kind of lizard of your choice.  Use the links below to research information about lizards.

You will create 6 slides that will include the following information.


#1.  The name of your lizard, (title) the date, and the names of your group members.

#2.  Include a picture (image) of your lizard, tell where it lives, and how long it lives.

#3.  Include what your lizard eats, how does it protect itself, and describe its color.

#4.  List 4 more interesting facts or other information about your lizard.

#5.  This slide is for more pictures (images) of your lizard.

#6.  You must include the names of the Internet sites, along with the hyperlink (URL) of the resources you used to create your presentation.

Have Fun!  Presentations will be shared with other groups.

Lizards / Snakes

Electronic Zoo / Net Vet - Reptile Page Links to important information and facts about reptiles of all types

Herpetology Photographs, snake facts and information

Lizard Facts Pet Center - including Lizards

Reptiles: Snakes and Lizards Important facts and information

Snakes, Lizards, Turtles Photographs, important facts and information

Poisonous Reptiles Listed by State The Geo-Outdoors Organization


                Texas Horned Lizard Texas parks and wildlife facts sheet 

         Horned Lizard Conservation Society General information and research

         General Texas Horned Lizard Information Physical characteristics, habitat, range

         Volunteers Shed Light on Horned Lizard People tracking the horned lizard

         University of Texas Department of Zoology Natural History and Conservation

         Discovery Channel Cool picture of a Texas Horned Lizard shooting blood

         The Toad that's not a Frog Information about natural defenses

         Texas Safari Texas A & M adds Information about The Texas State Reptile

         Amazing Animal Facts Find out about blood-shooting Eyes

         The Handbook of Texas Information about the Lizards of Texas

         Herps of Texas Information about Texas Reptiles

         A to Z Science Horned Lizard basics

         Texas State Reptile The Texas Horned Lizard



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