TASK 1  Print out the math vocabulary worksheet, and use the following links to find the definitions and complete the worksheet.

TASK 2  Pick only 5 of the math vocabulary words and create a math problem that applies to each term.  You may use your math book as a reference.  Math problems will be given to a classmate for them to solve. (directions are also explained on the worksheet)

Multimedia Math Glossary - Mathematical terms / grades 1-6 / by Harcourt School Publishers

The World of Math Online Math.com 


TASK 3  Go the the ThinkQuest math page and do the math problems.  Be sure to write out your answers and turn them in.

Zero's Math Problems  by: 2001 ThinkQuest Jr. Entry

TASK 4  Check out the math career sites and find a job that uses math that you did not know about. Describe this job in a short written essay.  Information to look for: Job title, salary information, type of work, place of employment - areas of the country, education needed, etc.

    http://www.ams.org/careers/  Have you ever wondered what a mathematician working in industry or the government does all day?





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